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Welcome to the Environment Statistics Explorer

Out of more than 500 internationally agreed environmental goals – IEAGs (global, regional, bilateral), Environment Statistics Explorer address the main environmental issues such as climate, stratospheric ozone, chemicals, biodiversity. The goals and targets related to these goals are part of outcome documents of relevant United Nations summits and conferences, resolutions of the General Assembly, decisions of other global intergovernmental conferences, multilateral environmental agreements – MEAs and decisions of their governing bodies. The purpose of the Environment Statistics Explorer website is to provide decision-makers and the general public with up-to-date geo-statistical information for monitoring the progress towards achieving these goals, while putting this information in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Users can access the information by IAEG (global MEAs, regional MEAs, other), by SDG or by environmental theme. The website shows, on one hand, interlinkages between politically-agreed goals and, on the other hand, relevant data for monitoring these goals. The links between goals as well as with related data are defined based on our own expert judgement considering politico-legal status (e.g. an official MEA or SDG indicator), analytical relevance for the environmental theme at stake, reference information from partners such as the United Nations Information Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements – InforMEA.

Internationally Agreed Environmental Goals

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Sustainable Development Goals (with environmental context)