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The agricultural landowner is defined as the legal owner of the agricultural land; however, definitions of ownership vary across countries and surveys. The indicator may not necessarily reflect documented ownership certified by a legal document. Especially in places where much of the land is not formally titled or documented, surveys often simply ask whether someone in the household owns the land, and if so, who owns it. In addition to officially titled ownership, it may also include proxies, such as the right to use, sell or bequeath the land, or the right to use it as collateral. This enables the indicator to capture different aspects of the “bundle of rights” related to land, rather than land ownership in the strictest sense of the term. An individual is defined as a landowner whether they own land solely (they are the only owner of a plot of land) or jointly with someone inside or outside the household. Thus, households may have multiple landowners. In addition, households may own multiple plots of land with different owners identified for each plot.

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