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The agricultural holder is the civil or juridical person who makes the major decisions regarding resource use and exercises management control over the agricultural holding. The agricultural holder has technical and economic responsibility for the holding. An agricultural holding is an economic unit of agricultural production under single management comprising all livestock kept and all land used wholly or partly for agricultural production purposes, without regard to title, legal form, or size. The data is collected through national agricultural censuses. More detailed definitions can be found on the Agricultural Census webpage, see below links. Indicator 1 illustrates the management of agricultural holdings by sex and shows the extent to which women and men have the management responsibility of agricultural production resources. The holder may also be the owner of the holding but not necessarily so. While agricultural holdings typically are land holdings, they may also comprise other agricultural production resources, and in some cases only non-land resources.

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Fisheries employment, male (%) Distribution of Agricultural Landowners, male (%) Fisheries employment, female (%) Distribution of Agricultural Landowners, female (%)

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