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Definitions and mechanisms used in the development of the SDG indicator 14.a.1 are based on the IOC Criteria and Guidelines on Transfer of Marine Technology- IOCCGTMT (originally published and endorsed by IOC Member States in 2005, these guidelines provide an internationally agreed definition of what is understood by the term marine technology. These Guidelines have been referenced in various UN General Assembly Resolutions and specifically in the formulation of SDG target 14.a). These are further explained in the Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR). Indicator 14.a.1 shows the annual national research budget allocated by governments in the field of marine technology, relative to the overall national governmental research and development budget in general.

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Investment in water and sanitation, millions of constant 2018 USD (SDG 6.a.1) ODA for infrustructure, millions of constant 2018 USD (SDG 9.a.1) R&D expenditure as a proportion of GDP, % (SDG 9.5.1) ODA for biodiversity, by recipient countries, millions of constant 2018 USD (SDG 15.a.1 / SDG 15.b.1)

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