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It consists of (i) Audiovisual and related services and (ii) other personal, cultural, and recreational services. (i) Audiovisual and related services cover services and fees related to the production of motion pictures (on film, videotape, disk, or transmitted electronically, etc.), radio and television programs (live or on tape), and musical recordings. (ii) Other personal, cultural, and recreational services include (a) health services, (b) education services, (c) heritage and recreational services, and (d) other personal services. Health services as well as education services are provided remotely or on-site. Data on exports and imports of total services (including government goods and services n.i.e), other services (including government goods and services n.i.e) as well as government goods and services n.i.e. are available as memorandum items in the WTO online Statistics Database.

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Tariff simple average, Non-agricultural products Beverages and tobacco (Exports SITC 1), million $ Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes (Exports SITC 4), % Food and live animals (Imports SITC 0), million $

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